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He was seductive, and a skillful hunter. Once he consumed alcohol, Orion was temporarily incapable of containing his violent and erotic impulses. This behavior was repeated when Orion met Artemis, the goddess and protector of the caste game. The two competed in a hunt and Orion, confident in his abilities, fell in love with the goddess and tried to possess her physically.

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These characteristics, in a more attenuated form, also connote the characteristics of those born under the sign of Scorpio. Scorpios are perceived as stubborn, and intractable but at the same time seductive and magnetic. Artemis, outraged by an assault against her vow of chastity, caused a huge scorpion to emerge from the earth to sting Orion to death. This correlation between Scorpio and Orion can also to be found in astronomy.

In the heavens, the constellation Scorpius rises, while Orion sets. In mythology Zeus has placed them both in the stars in an eternal struggle, with the hunter taking on the appearance of a deadly arachnid.

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This zodiac sign is also connected to the middle of autumn, when the soil receives fallen leaves and uses them as fertilizer. This process signifys the rebirth of nature.


Scorpio Facts. Scorpio Facts Scorpio Horoscope — in detail. Ruling Planet: Pluto and Mars.

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  • Scorpio Traits: The Scorpio-born are extremely mysterious individuals. They have strong will power and possess the capability to turn the tables around, whichever way they desire. Nonetheless, they have extremely distinct outer appearance. Their sound, isolated inner worlds are frequently storming with perpetual force.

    Scorpio Facts

    Most Scorpio natives are questioning and possessive, and they can't digest treachery or the slightest hint of no, in their stride. Nevertheless, the Scorpio owns a magnetic charm that leaves many an admirer smitten. In love, Scorpio makes for a loving, faithful yet deeply possessive or jealous partners. Moreover, to get a brief but informative idea about your life, you may opt for fully personalised Life Prediction — Overview report, which will be prepared by an astute astrologer based on your Natal Chart.

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    Besides, we suggest you to buy Your Astrology Profile report, to know your strengths and weaknesses, which will be based on your personal Horoscope, prepared by an expert astrologer. Possible Health Concerns: Scorpio Sign is astrologically associated with the reproductive system of the human body, and also with the human cleansing.

    The connection between the Scorpio myth and the Scorpio zodiac sign

    So, this is evidently, a weak or vulnerable spot, as it is highly sensitised. Most Scorpios require to shield against excessive sexual craving by directing their energies towards creative pursuits. They also need to shield themselves against sexually transmitted diseases, infections, toxic syndromes, ruptures, haemorrhoids or disorders of the reproductive or excretory system.


    Overall, the Scorpio natives should avoid overly seasoned foods or extremes of any sort. Open ambience, fresh and natural air can work like elixir for the Scorpio. Further, if you are worried about any personal problems, you may right now Ask A Personal Question — Detailed Advice report, which will be based on your Birth Chart, and answered by an expert astrologer. Compatible Signs: Taurus, Cancer, and Libra. With a general description, a puzzling Scorpio can't be easily understood. Many a times, there will be a bunch of unanswered questions, even in the cases wherein you claim to fully understand them quite well.

    Anyway, you can purchase personalised Remedial Solutions for Personal Issues report, which is prepared by an expert astrologer, basis your Birth Chart. You may also be interested in reading about Scorpio Nature. Also Read Scorpio Moon Signs. Aries Horoscope. Leo Horoscope. Sagittarius Horoscope. Taurus Horoscope.

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