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Astanga Hridaya explains that the shad-rasas 6 different types of taste remove or aggravate the three doshas as follows : — Vata wind is removed by madhura sweetness , amla sourness and lavana salt ; Kapha phlegm is neutralised by thiktha bitter , ushna hot and kashaya.

Pitta is destroyed by madhura sweet , thiktha bitter and kashaya. Contrarily, Vata is aggravated by thiktha bitter , ushna hot and kashaya. Kapha is increased by madhura sweet , amla sour , lavana salt and ushna hot. The disease one will suffer from arises from the dosha governed by the planet causing the disease. Different planets govern different doshas. For example, if the Sun is the disease-causing planet, then the disease will be due to imbalance of Pitta. If it is the Moon then the disease will be due to Vata and Pitta.

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In this way, one should ascertain the cause of diseases from the planets. Signs of Long Life Various conditions of planatery arrangements are prescribed in Vedic Astrology to determine longevity in many astrological classics like Phaladeepika, Saravali, Horasaaram, Brihat jatakam 6th chapter and so on.

Prasna-marga, explains the long life as follows:- If all are devoid of afflictions and are favourable, the person will live long. If the combinations are all evil, he will die soon. If the influences are mixed, then the querist will neither die nor recover from his diseases. Happiness and misfortunes will alternately trouble him.

Lagna Asc. The 8th is Jeeva life. If their lords are strong, or are in conjunction or in mutual aspect, the querist will have long life. If the lord of Lagna or Jupiter or Venus is placed in a kendra from Arudha or if these lords, Jupiter, Venus and lord of lagna are in mutual kendras, there will be long life. If benefics are in kendras, trikonas, the 2nd and 8th or llth and malefics are in the 3rd, 6th and llth, there will be long life. If malefics occupy houses other than 3, 6 and 11 and benefics are in 3, 6 and 12, death and serious illness will be the result.

Of all the malefic planets, Gulika contributes the worst evil.

If Gulika has the association, aspect or vargas of Saturn, its evil becomes more intensified. Longevity from Birth Chart All beings take fresh births to experience the results of their actions done in their previous birth. Depending upon the past Karma, the longevity will be long, medium or short.

People are born in this world just to exhaust their Karma-phala. Even if there is a little Karma left over, it has to be experienced. Effects of Karma can however be overcome by Atma Jnana selfrealisation. Yogas reveal to us the results of Karma. Purusha is that which has body. Yogas connect Purusha with Karma-phalas. Planets indicate how these yogas connect the Purusha with Karma-phala from their position.

Yogas and Longevity There are seven types of yogas. By sthana, it is referred to the placement of the planets in uchcha, moolathrikona, etc. By Bhava, it is meant Lagna, etc. The planets are the Sun, etc. Bhava Sthana and Graha are the causes of Yoga. The strongest in bringing about a yoga is the yogakarta composer of yoga and it is that planet which gives the results of the yoga. There are two types of longevity, viz.

There are six types of Yogayus indicating death within one year Sadhyorishta , death within 12 years Arishta or Balarishta , death within 32 years Alpayu or Rishta , death within 70 years Madhyayu , death within hundred years Deerghayu and death after years Amithayu. Free Vedic Janmakundali Horoscope with predictions in Hindi. Check your horoscope for Mangal dosh, find out that are you Manglik or not. Free Vedic Janmakundali Horoscope with predictions in English. By using our website you consent to all cookies in accordance with our Cookie Policy.

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Read More. Connect us. So, they can be hidden away to allow your concentration. Such distracting planets can be hidden by selecting those planets from the list. Remember, although hidden from view, they are very much there in the horoscope, revolving and relaying their influences and effects. Once they are felt necessary to appear, they can be unhidden by removing the tick-mark against them, put earlier to hide them.

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There are 3 more customary keys 1 About us 2 Re-Start, and 3 Exit. Each of these play an important role in Horoscope examination.

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Some Functions can be made to work in the background interactively with another Function working in the foreground. Raja Yoga and Tajak Tests Functions are examples. Such features keep work simulataneously keeping us informed their status and effects from time to time. Other keys work in the foreground when they are needed only, and do not work in the background. Even all these keys can be utilized simultaneously and continuously through-out examination of a Horoscope. But motion of the planets will be slowed down due to increased number of calculations that must be done for every day to allow you proceed further.

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This may be frustrating sometimes. Well, this is only a caution from our side, you may ignore. After all, analysis and prediction is most important than your frustration. We now deal with each of these 12 Functions. This happens to a person only if a specific combination of planets is found in Birth-time Horoscope. Raja Yoga is caused at the time of Birth itself, but such windfall occurs later when those Planets causing Raja Yoga come to specific positions during planetary motion and during that Graha Dasa Period or Antar-Dasa Sub-Period.

It is essential that such a combination must exist at Birth time. There are specific combinations of Grahas causing Raja Yoga. This software examines each and every Horoscope for Birth-time occurrence.

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If such Yoga is found and declared at Birth-time, its future Date of occurrence will be easily detected. This software alerts whenever such Raja Yoga occurs, and sends message on Date of its occurrence to In-Box. It also gives a visual signal. Our experience so far is that none of the odd Horoscopes our Labs analysed so far, had any one of these types of combinations at Birth-time.

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Very rarely Raja Yoga occurrs. Otherwise there would have been many Rajas than common people by now. Unlike other features, this feature is built-into the software working in the background. This key teaches you how Raja Yoga alerts you while working on a Horoscope.


In fact, the second message in the In-Box is always about Birth-time analysis for Raja Yoga occurence. In matters of Aspection, there were three schools of thought, namely 1 Parasara 2 Tajaka, 3 Sripati. All scools agree on the 7 th Rasi Drishti for every planet. Sripati refined the thinking of other two schools and gave computational formulas for determining Drishti Bal Aspection Strength. In this feature, Parasara Theory Aspections on Rasis is utilised for reasons. With this, you can select any Rasi s to observe which planets are aspecting that chosen Rasis s.