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Speak up; you will be able to bring about a change that will make your life better. Emotional anger will not help you find a solution.

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The less time you waste explaining yourself and the more time spent being productive, the better. Pull in the people you know can do a good job without supervision.

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Being fair and nonjudgmental will lead to greater recognition and opportunities. A personal change will prepare you for an offer that is too good to turn down.

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Networking will pay off. Birthday Baby: You are enthusiastic, adaptable and friendly. You are ambitious and studious.


By Eugenia Last. Report an error Policies and Standards Contact Us. Sure, they may look different from each other, and they may engage in different behaviors, but they often share the same values. It is important for you to wrap your mind around this central fact, because you insist on trying to come up with a completely different personality compared to people who are drawn to you romantically, you might end up making things unnecessarily hard on yourself as far as finding your life partner.

Instead, you look at what everybody else is doing and you consciously and purposefully try to move in a different direction. This can cause serious problems. People born on February 18 are best suited for jobs that require confrontation like, negotiators, litigation lawyers and certain types of politicians. To say that you like confrontation is to put it mildly. It gets you off to see that people are opposing you and you are able to find a tremendous amount of focus and energy in counteracting united fronts and efforts against you.

This makes you an instant hero in the eyes of many people. Some of them could only hope and wish that they had your courage. People born on February 18 tend to shine when it comes to confrontation. They tend to attract people because of their tendency to call other people out. You are a natural leader in this respect.

However, keep in mind that for you to maintain your leadership position, you have to actively work to foster loyalty. Now, the problem is keeping a following. Attracting followers and sympathetic people is one thing, turning them into loyal followers who are united in working towards one central goal is another thing entirely. You tend to judge people based on how they share your values. You often look at the world in terms of black and white.

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This really is too bad because this leads to you alienating people who would otherwise been your most loyal followers. Air is the paired element of all Aquarius people. Air is volatile because, in many cases, it is very reactive. Certain chemicals are exposed to air.

They either burst in flames, turn rock hard, or they become discolored. This is due to quick acting chemical reactions. Where do you hope to be by your next birthday? The sun's entry into Libra marks the beginning of a season of inner work for you, Scorpio. This is a wonderful time for you to go on a silent retreat, recommit to your journaling practice, and get some more rest. Make time for meditation and psychic development. Libra season is here, and the sun is illuminating the sector of your chart that rules your hopes and dreams for the future.

Justice is so important to you, and as the sun moves through Libra, you're engaging in causes you're passionate about. Libra season is also a wonderful time to network and connect with friends!

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The sun enters charming air sign Libra today, lighting up the sector of your chart that rules popularity and your career. This is a fantastic time to connect with mentors and make plans for your future, and enjoy some rewards and recognition! The sun enters fellow air sign Libra, illuminating the sector of your chart that rules travel and higher learning!

This is a fantastic time to go abroad, and to generally expand your mind and enjoy new experiences. Sign up for a class about a topic that inspires you. Libra season is here, and as the sun moves through the sign of balance, you're having to let go of what no longer serves you. This is a powerful period of transition for you, Pisces, so be gentle with yourself as you move through endings. This is a lovely time to pay a debt. The sun enters your opposite sign Libra today, bringing your focus to your relationships!